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Arizona Prostate Cancer Center celebrates Prostate Cancer Awareness month

Arizona Prostate Cancer Center celebrates 1 year of saving the lives of men all over Arizona and the US.

Phoenix, AZ  September 7, 2011:  September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month.  Arizona Prostate Cancer Center is devoted solely to the treatment of Prostate Cancer and provides the support and education ALL men with Prostate Cancer need to win the battle.  Recently the President stated:

“Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among men in the United States.  The weight of this illness is felt not only by the men living with and fighting prostate cancer, but also by their families, friends, and communities who rally to care for their loved ones.  As we observe National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we renew our commitment to reducing the impact of prostate cancer on our country by raising awareness and supporting research that will lead to better ways to detect and treat this disease.  During National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we reaffirm our support for prostate cancer patients and survivors, and commend health-care providers, advocates, and researchers for their dedication and perseverance”

The Arizona Prostate Cancer Center uses a cutting edge technology called Calypso, which works much the same way a GPS device in a car would.  Calypso's GPS for the Body® technology  provides accurate, precise, real-time tracking to keep radiation focused on the tumor, not surrounding healthy tissue. The result? Calypso cancer treatment helps the radiation reach the target to better fight the cancer and patients report experiencing fewer side effects.

Calypso prostate cancer treatment enables doctors to localize and track the tumor before and during each prostate radiation treatment. When the tumor moves outside of the field of radiation, therapy can be stopped and the patient is re-positioned to ensure that the tumor, not surrounding healthy tissue, receives the radiation dose. The patient education video provides you with an overview of the importance of monitoring organ motion during radiation therapy delivery.  Arizona Prostate Cancer Center is the leading Calypso facility in the country.

Arizona Prostate Cancer Center also is partnering with ZERO, The Project to End Prostate Cancer. In addition, Arizona Prostate Cancer Center sponsors the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” run held St. Patrick’s Day and supports prostate cancer research. For more information, contact Michele Kuechler at 602-557-0051.